Everydaysohaute began in 2012 as a cult T-shirt label in New York City as an extension of my artworks. We are now a full range ready-to-wear line determined to keep the young at heart at the top of the fashion chain. 

We use zero sweat labour, as I believe in responsible consumerism. We hope that our business grows to create more jobs for blue-collared workers that might have lost their vocations due to the economic progress of Singapore as our economy moved toward service-centred industries since the 1980s. 

My artworks continue to take inspiration from Americana, pop culture, religion and nostalgia.


July 2013 - NOISE, Singapore Art Museum 8Q
Jan 2011 - Shapeshifters 2, Zirca, Singapore
Jul 2010 - Pop-up New York, Broadway Gallery, New York City
Jul 2009 - Latest Works, Palisades Park Media Center, New Jersey
May 2009 - Undergraduate Open Studios, School of Visual Arts, New York



designer profile

Kum Weng graduated in 2009 from School of Visual Arts.

The Lower East Side in Manhattan was his favourite spot when he was art student off-duty. He would hang out at La Esquina, the taco shop with killer guacamole, to spot models in their natural habitat before they were caught by scouters, cleaned up and put on the runways of NYFW.

Skaters with holes in their tanks and the scene kids who married thrift store finds with the latest runway purchases made Bleecker St a never ending runway and source of inspiration.

He moved back to Singapore from New York City in 2010 and was reminded of his childhood filled with sweat stained uniforms coupled with oddly coloured shorts. He sought to bring the boldness and freedom of the New York streets to the naivete shores of Singapore.